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Meet our Readers

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Sherry Groom

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Sherry Groom is an intuitive and old soul since childhood with a mission to uplift, entertain and empower. For many years, Sherry has studied methods of divination. Sherry uses a variety of tarot and oracle card decks, sticks, stones, and bones to connect to infinite intelligence/universal consciousness.  She holds a B.S. degree in Nursing from University of Akron and is an accredited minister. 


Sherry worked in the mental health field for over 33 years and continues to provide housing for chronically mentally ill. After many satisfying years of working with a population stigmatized for their deviant behaviors and categorized as lesser value, she was inspired to create visually interesting art with discarded objects. Attracted to collecting wood in its final stages of decay carved away by the elements each piece metaphors into unique designs, time exposes the inner strength of the more enduring fibers that remain intact. Life is eternally all about change. .   You can't get it wrong because it is never done. Sherry sees life from the perspective of source   trash is a treasure, disability a blessing and differences are sublime challenges.

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