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 Healing Crystals, Sage, Incense, Candles, and More

Looking for amazing New Age products?

You have come to the right place for

all of the magical goodies you could want!

We personally select each product with care and

intention, so you can be sure you are getting

high quality products from our store!

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Immersive Salt Cave
Therapy Experience

This treatment practice, called halotherapy,

is becoming more and more popular in spas

and wellness centers around the US as a treatment

for people looking to reap its many health benefits.

Japanese Dry Garden

An important Japanese aesthetic principle

in dry landscape garden is yohaku-no-bi,

meaning “the beauty of blank space."

These simple gardens promote a meditational feeling and are centered around peacefulness.

Energy Healing Medium

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, is a subset of alternative medicine wherein practitioners use a technique called palm healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Sticks, Stones, Bones, & Magic is booking now.

Remote sessions are also available. 

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Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

The idea behind intuitive tarot readings is

to let your feelings guide you rather than analyzing everything logically.

Sherry is an intuitive tarot reader who

helps clients use the cards as a mirror

for self-reflection.

Locally Made Art

Explore and purchase art from local artists at

our gallery on East Main Street with inspired. 

affordable art to liven up your

living or sacred space.